Have you dreamt of being a drummer?…

.. in a stadium of people rocking your socks off with your friends in your own band!!!? Well I will show you how so that you can:

From Rob Gordon

Drummer & Teacher for 25 Years


A Beginners Quick Guide To Drumming; Everything you need to know to start playing the 7 most popular drums beats in 30 days and be in a band

Imagine, for a moment, that it’s 6 months from today and you and your fellow band members are rocking out to your favourite song at the end of a 2 hours jam session, Your hot and sweating and full of endorphins (the natural chemicals in the body that make you feel great), and you feel great.

You are thinking of nothing but the rhythm and the groove of the song, you are just there in the moment of every snare and bass drum stroke.In fact you are the drummer you have ever wanted to be.

You are rocking and you are a drummer, Welcome to the pleasure and joy of drumming, my friend !! It is a great place to be.

So that is where you want to be, but how can we get you there ? OK I’ll tell you in just a few moments but first … Let me tell you a secret …

Shhh….. and don’t tell other people and just between me and you but basic drumming is really pretty easy,

if you can walk and talk, clap your hands, ride a bike,
tap your feet or drive a car then you can be a drummer!!
How is that for a life changing statement huh?

And believe it or not most other musicians want basic solid groove drummers to play in their bands, they don’t want over the top drummers who can play lots of complicated beats and fills because it makes it hard work for them to play their own instruments. (I should know as I make a nice second income as a “meat and potatoes” drummer).

Some of the greatest drummers in the world today make the majority of their income playing basic beats and simple fills. Yes, at drum courses they can play amazingly complicated beats and fills, but when they are working for producers, musicians and in their own bands they play the simple basic beats and fills and anybody can learn to play the simple basic beats and fills.

You see, there are hundreds of books and DVD’s out there that teach the most complicated drum beats grooves and fills in the world, but you never ever hear them played in most pop and rock music, because they don’t groove !!!!

If you don’t believe me go and listen to the top 10 song list in any type of music you like and 90% of the songs will have a basic drum pattern/groove and repeated fills throughout most of the song, if there are complicated bits do what every other cover drummer does, including me and just play the simple beat and fill instead, trust me knowbody ever notices !!!!!. (unless it is the drum fill/intro to “In The Air Tonight” by Phil Collins, but I can teach you that as it is really quite simple when you learn the basic beats and fills, trust me 🙂 )

So if you dream of playing drums in a band, impressing your friends at jam sessions in the garage or play in a stadium like these guys and girls

Then this is how to do it:

Q: OK Rob, I want to be a drummer and understand it is pretty simple to learn, so how do I become a drummer ?

A: The answer is simple… it is in my easy to follow and use eBook and the 82 play along sound files:

A Beginners Quick Guide To Drumming;

Everything you need to know to start playing the 7 most popular drums beats play in a band in a few hours


So with my easy to follow and use book and some practice by yourself you can be a solid groove and band playing drummer and play simple groove drumming like me in these Youtube examples:

Love the way you lie

Eminem ft Rihanna – Drum Cover

You got the love

Dizzee Rascal & Florence Welch – Drum Cover

You know that if you want today, you can start on the road to the pure fun and enjoyment you can have from the drums for a fraction of the time you’d take using traditional learning methods!

Music Book

Now, just so you know as well, out there on the internet there are load of drum books and DVD, and they are all great in there own way, but what they all do is tell you that they have magic secrets, tips and techniques that you must have to be a master to be a drummer just to start playing. Well, that is really not true.

You get to be a good drummer by having some basic technique and practising by having fun, something these books and DVD’s never tell.

I really learnt that when I spent a week at the Freddie Gee drum academy back in 2003 with the top players and teachers Gregg Bissonette (Steve Vai, Van Halen and Santana) and Steve White (Style Council, Paul Weller, The Players). They both told us this in many ways during the week and to be honest the framework of my ebook is based on their teachings from that course with my own experiences added.

Also, to help you visualise who I am and just in case you wonder what I looked like here is a picture of me with two great drummers Gregg Bissonette and Chris Witton (Paul McCartney and now a music producer) at the Freedie Gee drum clinic in 2003. I’m the good looking fella in the middle with Gregg on my right and Chris on my left.

However, you can be a really great drummer with little or no need for super duper technique but just by playing simple grooving beats and simple fills.

That is all you need to get you starting playing in a band for fun and enjoyment, I know cos that is what I do.

(FYI – there is one truly awesome drum technique called the Moeller technique that will make you really good, but to start with you can do without it and I really suggest that you are taught Moeller by an “in person” teacher).

Image at Drum School

It isn’t just me who says this…

“… I became a drummer by playing along to Deep Purple and Led Zep records, pretending I was Ian Paice and John Bonham…. ”
Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers)

“… I became a drummer by playing along to Deep Purple and Led Zep records, pretending I was Ian Paice and John Bonham…. ”
Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers)

Also the great and brilliant Steve White (Style Council, Paul Weller and The Players) Go to Steve’s website at www.whiteydrums.com and ask him. Steve is one of the best drummers from the UK ever, IMHO and a truly top bloke.

Hundreds of other drummers who all say playing along with the music you love is the best way to learn!!! You just need to read Modern Drummer and almost all the drummers invited say they started to play by playing along to the music they loved. I know I did playing along to Max Weinberg of Meatloaf and Bruce Springstein (Anybody remember Bat out of Hell and Born in the USA !!!).

They all talk about playing the drums as a fun thing to do first by playing with other people and along to songs, and then a technical thing second.

Yes, you can really have lots of fun jamming and playing in a band by playing the basic beats with basic fills, which are very very easy to learn and you get better by having fun and practising by playing along to the music you like.

That’s why I’ve decided to make it super-easy for you to learn the basics to get you started and having fun by giving you

e-Book Cover

I recorded the beats at the slow speed, as I used to get really frustrated and annoyed with other drum books that would just show/play beats and fills way to fast for my skill at the time.

Also, to learn something new you have to play it slowly, get it right and correct and then and only then start to play it faster. I have found this best way to learn and it is the way I have learnt over all these years and how I continue to learn today myself and with my drum teacher.

Here are three examples of the sound files that come with my ebook:

When you hear the syncopated beats and variations in chaper 7 you will recognise a number of these beats from your favourite songs and with my ebook you will be able to play them in no time at all !!!!

simple and “progressive” teaching style

My eBook has been designed to slowly build in complexity, so you never have to learn something that is far more complicated than in a previous exercise.
I’ll show you exactly how to get started, and then where to go from there.
This simple and “progressive” teaching style makes learning the drums fun and easy for you !
So what you will get from me is the foundations from which you can grow and develop as a drummer.

  • You’ll learn the basic beats so you can play to almost any music
  • How to syncopate those beats so they really groove (and then will then recognise loads of you favourite drum beats)
  • The 3 most basic fills that when combined will give you over 20,000 drum fill combination in a single bar of music.

From these basics, you will be able to play just about any beats that you want in the future by combining them together!!!

I sort of think of it as I am giving you the training to use a hammer, saw and ruler and then you can just about build anything you what. You could build a little woodshed or you can build a 2 storey house, the skills are just the same.

What People Say

testimonial1“Rob, Many thanks, you really did live up to your promises, within a couple of hours, I was playing along to some songs on the radio, Thanks You rock man”

— Ted

Los Angeles, USA

” book included everything you promised……worth every penny….”

— John

Wolverhampton, UK

“Mate, different from the normal drum books, which made it easier to follow, I would recommend this to anybody who wants to quickly get started playing the drums”

— Matt

Manchester, UK

In case you were wondering if i can play the drums

certificateMy Grade 4 Certificate, I did it for some fun, a few years back

Get your e-book today

A Beginners Quick Guide To Drumming;

Everything you need to know to start playing
the 7 most popular drums beats play in a band in a few hours

100 Page and 82 play along drum teaching sound files

  • Learn the 7 basic drums beats so I can play along to almost any music
  • Learn to syncopate those beats so they really groove
  • Learn the three most basic fills that when combined will give me over 20,000 possible drum fill combinations in a single bar of music.
  • An overview of what a drum kit is and all its pieces
  • A list of over 100 fun songs to play along to I am learning for fun
  • Simple and easy to follow drum charts
  • No need to know or learn drum music at this stage

And Extra Free Bonuses:

  • free e-mail support for upto THREE MONTHS , worth generally £5 per e-mail at my standard teaching rate
  • free 30 min telephone call at my expense to help you out if I am struggling at all, worth £20 at my standard teaching rate.

My ebook will cost you, in my humble opinion a reasonable £7.00 (plus applicable taxes)(that is 9p per page, what great value) and will be a digital download with 2 zips of 82 sound files.
So click below to buy it and have the means to obtaining the fun and joy of drumming within 5 minutes from now


Take care and happy drumming,


Drummer and teacher for 25 years


Again, I promise that within just 30 days (provided you do some practice) you will be playing the drums or I will give you double your money back, even if you feel you don’t have a musical bone in your body, because I just believe that everybody has the ability to be able to do it.


I will give you free e-mail support for THREE MONTHS after you buy and if you still need help a free 30 min telephone call at my expense to help you out.


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